(Written by my mom)

When I purchased the GoPro I knew I would want to take pictures from the perspective of Arabella. My GoPro came with various attachment types, a couple for helmets and one that was a head strap (http://www.rei.com/product/826145/gopro-head-strap-mount).

I took the head strap apart, added some spare webbing and made a new harness! And when that didn’t work I took it apart again and redid it. What I came up with works pretty well, so I’ve included some instructions below. These directions are fairly rough as I made this harness last fall from spare parts.

The first thing to do is measure, you’ll need 4 measurements from your dog. Either use a fabric measuring tape or a piece of twine (rope, leash etc.) and measure the length of that on a straight measuring tape

“A” – Lower Neck/Shoulders – this strap lays across the shoulders and not around the neck. It fits like a standard sled dog harness. Remember when you measure this that the camera will sit at the halfway point and might pull the strap down.

“B” – Chest – 2″ behind the armpits (less for small dogs) I move this strap back from the underarm because otherwise it rubs Arabella raw.

“C” – Topline – from the base of the neck to where you’re chest strap will cross

“D” –  from between the front legs (where you want the camera to sit) to “2 behind the armpits. Not pictured

Parts List

1 – GoPro Harness Attachment from a Head Strap (Pictured Below)

(Length = A + 2″) of  2″ Nylon Webbing

(Length = B+C+D + 15″) of 1″ Nylon Webbing

1 – 2″ Metal Triangle

1 – 1″ Single Adjust Side Release Buckle

1 – 1″ Strap Adjustor



1″ Metal D-Ring (for attachment of Tags, I would attach this to the “C” Strap when making the first loop.)

roughly 2/3 of “B”  by  3″ wide of Fleece

roughly 2/3 of “B”  by  3″ wide of  RipStop Nylon



Lighter or Hot Knife

Sewing Machine

Measuring Tape


With this harness the camera will hang upside down.

I did not build this harness with an attachment point for a leash. Be careful of using it a method of restraining your dog.

I used a loose Zig-Zag Stitch to secure the nylon because I didn’t know if I was going to have to rip the seams back out. To fully secure them use a tight Zig-Zag or use a straight stitch to make a X with a box around it.

I also looped all nylon so the raw edge was not facing Arabella because she has light fur and it would irritate her skin. It might look more finished the other way around.

If you have a patient dog you might want to pin the straps together and test the fit before you begin sewing.

Cut List:

2″ Webbing 

“A” + 2″

1″ Webbing 

“B” + 7″ (This strap will be adjustable)

“C” + 4.5″

“D” + 4.5″

Seal the ends. I used a lighter to melt the nylon together.

Strap “D”

Make a 5″ loop with your bottom strap “D” and secure.

Slip the other side of the bottom strap through the bottom slot of the Head Strap Piece 1″  and secure.

Strap “A”

Take “A” and slip it through the left and right sides of the Head Strap Piece (Pictured Below)

Tighten the strap so that it rests midway through strap “A”

Take the two ends of strap “A” feed them through the Metal triangle 1″ and secure.

Strap “C”

Take “C” and create a 4 1/2″ loop on one end. Secure.

Take the other side of “C” strap, feed it through the final side of the triangle 1″ and secure.

(For a Padded Chest Strap:

Place the RipStop Nylon on the Fleece

Fold over the short ends (toward the fleece) 1/2″ and stitch closed.

Fold the piece the long way, nylon sides together and stitch a 1/4″ seam down the raw edge.

Then you need to invert the sleeve. Basically push one end through the sleeve so the nylon is on the outside.

Slip over the “B” Strap then proceed with Strap “B” directions)

Strap “B”

Take the final strap, ” B”, slip through the loop on “D” and the loop on “C”

Attach the Side Release Buckle and strap adjustor

They usually come with directions but here is a series of photos of how I attached mine.

And you’re finished.

A couple of pictures of the harness on:

And a few pictures from the GoPro

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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